Sunday, June 25, 2006

Here we go...

Hi Everyone

Here is my first entry on my blog. Please feel free to drop in anytime and read my thoughts and my latest activities!! Soon my husband Nigel and I will be off around the world encountering experiences together and creating memories!! We cannot wait, and although I must admit I am a little nervous about our trip, I am also looking forward to experiencing it all and then coming back to home sweet home. If anything, I hope it makes me appreciate even more of how wonderful my little Adelaide in South Australia is, but also how colourful and creative our God is with creating his world with such diverse cultures and people!! We are blessed with such technology that seeing other cultures is an easy thing to do!!

Well, as I'm a beginner at this, I shall leave things as is for now and will post another message later. Remember to thank God when you see a sunset.. it is him reminding you day in, day out, that he loves you and wants to make you smile!