Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hi There Everyone

Once again Nigel and I have had another great few days on our trip so far. In Orlando so far we have gone to seaworld twice, Universal studios, swam with the manatees and gone to the outside of Wet n Wild (hehe we saw the line up and felt the heat and went..' ahh no' and went back to our hotel). We've spent a lovely day relaxing in our hotel pool and our room. Its so nice to have someone come in and tidy up your room and do your dishes etc. Will be hard coming home hehe. We've been very blessed with the weather here too. It should be more stormy than it is, and so far while we've been here its only been blue skies. God knows that I am frightened of storms, so I know he's had his hand on us.. and I'm very thankful to him for that!

Well I thought I'd add a few more photos of the Grand Canyon in cos that was incredible..

(A photo of the canyon while in the helicopter about to head down into it)

(A photo of the Hoover dam taken while in the plane)

(This is one of the beautiful manatees in Seaworld. I don't know what his real name is but I've nicknamed him Kenny. After my Manatee toy I bought that day! hehe)

(We saw quite an entertaining, if a little corny, show at seaworld with the killer whales which cornyness aside was quite impressive with all the tricks and stunts they do with the whales)

Well we've only been in the USA 1 week now, and anytime we receive any kind of excitement from americans at the fact we are australian we are constantly being told how much they love the Crocodile dundee movies.. hehe. Oh dear. Our hotel staff member this morning couldn't stop quoting the movie to us. He had both movies on dvd and watched them again yesterday. oh dear. He wanted to know if Aboriginal people really were like they were depicted int he movie and if we had seen any.

The other funny thing that happening in Las Vegas was when we went to a resturant and our waiter was very excited to hear we were from Adelaide because thats where Alby Mangels was from and this guy had seen all of Alby's movies and really wanted to come to Adelaide. He was very funny, I think he was lucky that people our age even knew who Alby Mangels was.. lucky for me I watched many Alby Mangels stuff as a kid so knew what he was talking about.. hehe thanks mum n dad! hehe.

Anyway.. thats about it for now. Will make another post at some point when we have internet access again.. we're off to New York tomorrow and are not sure how accessible the internet will be where we are staying. We'll soon find out I guess.

Take Care and thanks to everyone for their prayers. It has been noticed and much appreciated!

Amy and Nigel

(Us at M&M world in Las Vegas.. hehe!)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Hi Everyone,
This will be short today as I am soo tired. Below are some photos of our last couple of days, not much I know, but we've had 3 hours sleep in 2 days, so we're tired and need our rest. We will put up more photos later in the week. Enjoy the photos!
Love Amy

Photo of the Las Vegas strip from
the top of the Stratesphere hotel tower

Photo of the Grand Canyon

Photo of my dear Manatees
(They're soo cute!)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

Hi There

Well here we are in Las Vegas.. finally. After months of planning we've finally made it. The last couple of weeks leading up to our trip was a little stressful (ie Nigel got pneumonia and the day before we left I badly bruised one of my toes - got an xray cos I thought I might have broken it - by sleep walking in the middle of the night) so its really nice to have made it here safe and have a good time. Though the walking can be a little painful for my toe, we're still really enjoying ourselves so far.

We're staying at the Luxor hotel which is a themed hotel (like most hotels here are) about Eygpt! So basically our hotel is a pyramid and has the sphynx out the front. It is very cool.

A photo of our hotel - the pyramid part
A photo of our hotel again - the Sphynx part

We arrived here on Saturday 5th August, after leaving Australia on Saturday 5th August. Crazy time difference. Anyway, it was a long day but we still somehow found some energy to walk a little around the strip. We got to see the water show at the Bellagio which is pretty cool

America is a very interesting country. I tried to order a 'small' meal at McDonalds and got told I can only do Medium or Large. Their medium was as big as our large. Crazy. Nig and I are also finding that crossing the street is rather dangerous, not just cos of the american drivers, but also cos we tend to look in the wrong direction first.. cos we're used to Australian road rules.. hmm.

Another thing we've noticed is the heat. It is hot here. However, if anyone from this part of America tries to tell you that their summers are hotter than ours, you can safely tell them NO! It is hot here yes, however, the sun does not burn your skin like it does here. When you are standing in the sun here, you just feel warm, you don't feel like your skin is about to burn off in harsh heat like you do in Australia. So we are actually enjoying some nice warm weather without getting too hot. But our real test will be tomorrow when we head to the grand canyon!

Well had better sign off now. We're about to leave to go see a show. So will make another post later with more stories..!
Love Amy and Nigel

Nigel in front of New York New York hotel. When we get to the real New York we will send you a picture of the real statue of liberty ! hehe

Amy in front of the Bellagio hotel

The Eiffel Tower in front of the Paris hotel!