Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nearly home...

Hi there!

Many apologies for the lack of entries in my blog of late. We have had a bit of trouble getting time on the internet, well thats not technically true. We have had time on the net, but I haven't really been prepared to spend a huge amount of time on the net to get this blog done, as it meant less time doing other things like sightseeing and spending time with family in England. So really all I have been able to get out was one or two emails. So I apologise.

Below are a few photos from London, Norwich and the last one from Singapore.

(The London Eye)

(Big Ben and Parmilent House London)

(Left: Nigel and Amy at Trafalga Square)

(Right: Amy and Nigel with our nephews Ben and Jonah in the carriage of a small steam train we rode on)

(Castle Rising)

(This is a picture of a house in Norwich which over the years has become very crooked. Its so crooked that the owners have to buy specially made and shaped glass for the windows - see window far left at the top - as the original glass would have broken many times with the movement... crazy)

(Amy on one of the streets in Singapore - everything is very bright and colourful here)

Well this is probably my last blog from overseas... I shall probably do one last one about our trip when we get home on Monday. Thanks for reading and sharing these lovely memories with us!

Love Amy and Nigel