Thursday, July 06, 2006

Be Still

Well its almost four weeks until we leave for our trip overseas and I’m already starting to get a little nervous. I’m not a big traveler and I have never been away from ‘home’ longer than a fortnight, so this should be interesting (Yes ok I am a wimp). My husband Nigel and I will be jet setting off to the USA on the 5th August. We’re heading to Las Vegas for a few days to see the lights and action of the city and also to experience God’s great creation of the Grand Canyon. I think I will be spending a lot of time talking to God for that trip, cos I think I may be a little nervous hopping on the small plane out there, not to mention the helicopter ride into the canyon.. ahh holidays.. such fun and adventure..

We then set off to Florida for some fun in the sun.. or more likely, some fun in the thunderstorm or hurricane. Yes we are going to Florida during hurricane season. Oh what fun! This is coming from me who is terrified when any thunderstorm arrives. I hate thunder.. and am frightened of lighting.. I think God and I will be pretty darn close during our time in Florida too. Hmmm. The best thing I’m looking forward to in Florida is swimming with the Manatees. For those of you who haven’t heard of Manatees.. you are missing out! They are the most sweetest mammals you will find. (see pics)
They are sea mammals who mostly live in the waters near Florida and Africa. We do have a cousin of the Manatee here in Australia called the Dugong, but they are not nearly as cute (well I don’t think so anyway). Their nickname is a sea cow or mermaid. They are often referred to as mermaids because early explorers on the sea thought they were mermaids when sailing along on their ships as they are very graceful swimmers! Anyway.. Manatees are endangered and mostly die because of speedboat propellers cutting into them in the water. So yeah, swimming with these beautiful creatures will be a beautiful experience for me. And yes we will be doing the normal touristy thing in Florida and going to the general theme parks, Seaworld (more Manatees yay!), Universal Studios etc. So we will have a great time despite any bad weather than may arrive.

Next is New York… we shall once again be tourists and enjoy the hustle and bustle of this big city and hopefully see a Broadway show or two! Should be fun. Then we’re heading over to England to London for a couple of days of sightseeing!! But the highlight of England will be traveling to Norwich to see my little nephews, Ben and Jonah (see pic below), but not forgetting my brother Matthew and his lovely wife Sal. Will be wonderful to see them all again, has been too long!!! We are hoping to do a family trip and catch up with our cousin Alison as well and also Nigel’s brother Jason and his wife. But we only have just under two weeks.. so our time will be limited but it shall be beautiful!

How cute are they??

After some much sad goodbyes, we leave England and are off to Singapore for a couple of days. We are looking forward to this a lot and I know Nigel is keen to see what kind of fancy computer equipment he can get for a bargain!! He is also keen to return as he spent many months there as a child while his father worked over there.

Then we finally go home in time for Fathers day. So yes.. our trip will be varied and busy and hopefully full of wonderful experiences. So I am looking forward to sharing all those experiences with you. I do hope you enjoy reading them.

Be still and know that HE is God, be still and know that HE is our Father, come rest your head upon His breast, listen to the rhythm of, His unfailing heart of love, beating for His little ones, asking each of us to come.. BE STILL.
(Steven Curtis Chapman – Be Still And Know)