Friday, August 06, 2010

Footprints on a mothers heart

I've been very unwell all week. Hormones everywhere, got a cold/gastric flu thing and also strained my neck. So been very uncomfortable and feeling very sorry for myself. Sometimes I just can't stop crying and wish Noah to be in my arms. Especially as his due date gets closer and closer. I would have been around 30 weeks by now. I've been trying to lose weight since Noah's birth. Interestingly since not eating for almost a week from this bug i've lost a few kilos and my tummy just seems so flat it upsets me (rather than making me happy). I wish Noah was still in there but healthy and growing well. But he isn't. He wouldn't have been.

I finally received from the hospital his hand and foot prints they took when he was born. They're beautiful and precious.

Its nice to have these prints. It represents how I feel.. though I only had him for a short time. He changed my life forever. He left his footprints on my heart. They will be there always. xo

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Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing the photo of these prints, really hits me in the heart. You know I'm journeying with you even from a distance. Very big hugs. xx