Monday, August 09, 2010


Not doing so well at the moment. Feel like I've got nothing useful to post about really. I'm still ill and starting to feel quite depressed about my situation. We find out Noah's autopsy results next week which fills me with anxiety enough, without not knowing why I'm still sick and whats wrong with me. I just want things to be a bit more normal, to have a break from difficulties, tests, worries, health issues and appts for a while. But no.. God still is allowing all this to happen.
I'm tired of life and tired of being tired. I'm trying to hang onto Jesus and focus on him and how he's pulled me through in the past. But being ill means I've got less strength to keep focussed and my doubts rise up.
I'm thankful for some friends who haven't forgotten about me and my need for prayer still.
In the meantime.. I'll keep walking through this valley... one day I'll reach the mountain top.

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Anonymous said...


Take comfort that Christ is interceding on your behalf- He is strong, He never tires- you dont need to grasp hold, just release and receive. Everyday just say "hold me now" and let your heart speak the words.

I went for a walk today- saw the most amazing thing in the sky. In the clouds were 3 shapes, a shape of a girl, a baby and then an angel with them. A reminder that Isaiah is with me and God is around me.

There is a story of a little boy who saw a butterfly struggling to get out of its chrysallis (sp?) so he helped to open it. The butterfly came out and as much as he tried he couldnt fly. The thing with butterflys is they need to work thru the chrysallis to build up their strength.

God could pull you out, but for some reason he isn't. Gather as much strength as you can. You do have it, and have someone with you to help.

Bless u